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“Discover the ONE Skill Absolutely Necessary to Successfully Generate ANY Sales Online!
Without This Skill, You Are Doomed to Fail Before You Even Begin!
“The Money Is in the List!” 

It is likely that you have heard this commonly quoted phrase at least once during your journey to create an online-based business. And the reality is...

It’s True!

If you think about it, it just makes sense. How could you possibly sell your products (regardless of what they are) without someone to offer them to?

Now these days, e-mail lists, social media marketing, SMS, etc. often conjures up negative reactions due to all the scammers who abuse the system as much as possible. I get it...I hate it too! But you ALSO cannot throw out a proven, reliable system that works just because some people abuse it. The solution is simple really...

Don’t BE that person!

I personally believe that, as product creators, we have a moral obligation to tell people about products we believe in...whether our own or someone else's. Think about it...if you invest time, energy and hard work into products you believe in, regardless of what those products are, why WOULDN'T you want to use any means available to share it with the world?

In my years of experience selling products online, I've found ONE revelation that is true every time...

If people are unaware that your product exists, they WILL NOT buy it! 

How could they? And...what if YOUR PRODUCT is the perfect solution they need? By NOT letting people know about your products, you are robbing them of the chance to discover a solution to their problem that they are MORE than happy to pay for. Let's NOT do that!

That said, there are MANY genuine, effective and RESPECTFUL ways to create a list of people interested in your products. This IS the ONE skill you MUST develop if you ever hope to make sales online OR offline!
“Simple List Secrets”
“Simple List Secrets” is an in-depth, foundational training taught as a One-Day Virtual Workshop. Over the course of the three LIVE-Taught sessions, you will discover:
  • Module 1: E-mail Lists and How to Build Them From Zero to Thousands. In this module we will explore the best methods for building lists quickly, including giveaways, affiliate promos, free trainings, funnels and more!
  • Module 2: Leveraging the Connection Power of Facebook Groups and List Building Secrets from the Direct Marketing World. 
  • Module 3: Using Trigger Words to Improve Your Open and Engagement Rates and the E-mail Strategy I use to increase my open and clickthrough rates EVERY time. 
The insights shared in this Workshop are the actual strategies used in building my online business over the past 14 years presented in a beginner-friendly, practical way. These are the SAME strategies that have helped me build a following of tens of thousands of amazing customers and millions in online sales. In other words...what I'll be sharing WORKS!
For a Limited Time, You Can Gain Access to “Simple List Secrets” for a One-Time Investment of... 
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Your Investment in “Simple List Secrets” Includes:
  • Ongoing Access to the LIVE-Taught, 3-Module Workshop Training 
  • Slide PDFs and Transcripts of EVERY Session.
  • And MUCH More!
Please Note: Due to the Live Nature and Digital Access of this Training, no Refunds Will Be Given!
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